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                                                                                           Product Data Sheet 
                          Product              Sinopec MoS  Lithium Complex Grease 
                                               7413 No. 2 
                          Summary              Product description 
                                               Sinopec MoS  Lithium Complex Grease 7413 No. 2 is an extreme pressure 
                                               grease formulated with a lithium complex soap thickener, semi-synthetic base 
                                               oil (mineral oil plus polyalphaolefin), selected additives and 3% of 
                                               molybdenum disulfide (MoS  or ‘moly’). It is suitable for use in bearings that 
                                               are exposed to high temperatures, shock loading or severe 
                                               vibrating/oscillating conditions, such as those use in heavy duty industrial and 
                                               automotive applications. 
         Sinopec MoS  Lithium Complex Grease 7413 No. 2 is suitable for use in: 
              •    Bearings exposed to high temperatures, extreme pressure or oscillating conditions, such as slow-moving plain and 
                   rolling element bearings. 
              •    Bucket pins, plain bearings and other heavy duty applications, such as those found in the mining, construction, 
                   agricultural and sugar milling industries. 
              •    Chassis components, farm equipment, king pins, U-joints and fifth wheels. 
         Features and benefits 
              •    Lithium complex soap thickener together with semi-synthetic base oil and antioxidant additives, provide outstanding 
                   performance in high-temperature applications. 
              •    Extreme pressure properties protect metal surfaces under conditions of heavy or shock loading. 
              •    Solid molybdenum disulfide provides an additional measure of residual lubrication, which protects metal surfaces 
                   against wear in applications where vibrating or oscillating movement tends to squeeze out the grease from between 
                   the surfaces. 
              •    The semi-synthetic base oil ensures the formation of a stable oil film that protects against bearing wear and corrosion. 
              •    Excellent thermal and oxidation stability, together with low oil evaporation loss, extend the life of the grease, ensuring 
                   protection of metal surfaces and prolonging bearing and component life. 
              •    Provides good protection against rust and corrosion, extending component life and relubrication intervals. 
              •    Excellent mechanical stability ensures the grease structure does not break down in service, thus extending grease life. 
              •    Available as an NLGI grade 2. 
                                               The information contained herein is subject to change without notification due to continuing 
                                               research & development therefore properties may be subject to slight variations. 
                                                                                          Product Data Sheet 
         Typical data 
        Sinopec MoS  Lithium Complex Grease 7413 No. 2 
        NLGI grade                                                                        2 
        Appearance, visual                                                                Black, smooth & buttery 
        Thickener type                                                                    Lithium complex 
        Base fluid type                                                                   Mineral oil + polyalphaolefin (PAO) 
        Kinematic viscosity of base oil, ASTM D 445 
          cSt @ 40°C                                                                      160 
          cSt @ 100°C                                                                     18 
        Cone penetration, ASTM D 217 
          W×60, mm                                                                        285 
          W×100,000, mm                                                                   325 
        Apparent viscosity, –20°C, 10 s      , Pa s, SH/T 0048                            1,420 
        Evaporation loss, 1h @ 180°C, %wt, SH/T 0337                                      3.3 
        Dropping point, °C, ASTM D 2265                                                   >300°C 
        Oil separation, 24 h @ 100°C, %, SH/T 0324                                        5.8 
        Load carrying capacity (Four ball test), 1500 rpm, 25℃, N, GB/T 3142 
          maximum nonseizure load, PB                                                     1,766 
          weld load, PD                                                                   6,082 
           load wear index                                                                916 
        Steel corrosion, 3 h @ 100°C, SH/T 0331                                           pass 
         These data are given as an indication of typical values and not as exact specifications. 
         Industry and OEM specifications 
        Sinopec MoS  Lithium Complex Grease 7413 No. 2 meets the performance requirements of the following 
        industry specification: 
        Sinopec                                 Q/SH 303.219-2010 
         Accuracy of information 
         Data provided in this PDS is typical and subject to change as a result of continuing product research and development. The 
         information given was correct at the time of printing. The typical values given are subject to variations in the testing procedures 
         and the manufacturing process may also result in slight variations. Sinopec guarantees that its lubricants meet any industry and 
         OEM specifications referred to on this data sheet. 
         Sinopec cannot be held responsible for any deterioration in the product due to incorrect storage or handling. Information on best 
         practice is available from your local distributor. 
         Product and environmental safety 
         This product should not cause any health problems when used in the applications suggested and when the guidance provided 
         in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is followed. Please consult the MSDS for more detailed advice on handling; MSDSs 
         are available from your local distributor. Do not use the product in applications other than those suggested. 
         As with all products, please take care to avoid environmental contamination when disposing of this product. Used oil should be 
         sent for reclamation/recycling or, if not possible, must be disposed of according to relevant government/authority regulations. 
         The SINOPEC trademark is registered and protected in Australia. 
         Issued: September 2011 
         © Sinopec 2011                                                                            50_Sinopec_MoS2_Lithium_Complex_Grease_7413_No2 
                                              The information contained herein is subject to change without notification due to continuing 
                                              research & development therefore properties may be subject to slight variations. 

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